God holds tomorrow

God holds tomorrow

There is so much confusion today. The future becomes unpredictable. There is so much stress, fear, doubt and uncertainty in many people’s heart. The time in which we live is like one of the uncertainty and insecurity. We are not sure not only about the future, the national as well as the global financial, economic, and security, but there is uncertainty about what will happen to us next individually. 

Well, we may not know what tomorrow brings but we know who holds tomorrow. Our tomorrow is not in anybody’s hand. Our tomorrow is in the hands of the king of kings and the Lord of lords.

We may not know what tomorrow holds and for obvious reasons we have no way of knowing what our future will be, but we know who knows everything and that is encouraging.

Your life, your security and your future are in the hands of the living God.

Many think and also believe that they have total control over their life. Many thinks they are in control of what they have in their life but that is foolishness. Let’s be realistic my friends, we don’t even know what is going to happen the next second. Does this mean we are out here by ourselves? Alone? Left to uncertainty? Not at all! God is with us and he is in control. In him and only in him we are safe. The scripture says, “The Lord has established His throne in the heavens, and His kingdom rules over all.” Psalm 103:19. It’s been occupied since before time. “Your throne, O God, is forever and ever.” Psalm 45:6 / Hebrews 1:8 It’s never been vacant and never will be. Hallelujah!

King David in Psalm 31:15 says, “My times are in your hand”. Our past, our present and our future are in his hands. When you understand this truth there is nothing that you are afraid of nor you can live in fear and anxiety. Because you know who holds your life and who holds your future. Whether it is pleasing or not, whether it is dark or bright, you will trust him and you will rest in him. You deal with your future in faith not in fear. You can boldly stand and declare, I trust in you, O Lord; I say you are my God; my times are in your hands. As long as you are in his hands, you are safe and secure. As long as you are in his hands, you are in good hands. But this doesn’t mean there will be trouble and every thing will be fine. Remember what Jesus said: In this world, you will have trouble, but don’t be afraid, I have overcome the world. That is what faith is. That is the assurance we have. No matter how strong the storm is, no matter how high the wind blow, you just stand in faith because you know he will get you where you need to go.

May be you are in difficult situation right now, and there is so much burden on your shoulder. May be you are experiencing hopelessness and dissatisfaction. May be you are in dark place, alone and no one will be able to help you. May be you are in so much pain day and night. You can declare in faith and say:  I trust in you, O Lord; I say you are my God; my times are in your hands. Don’t settle down to live permanently with fear and uncertainty. If you do, you will never be strong in your faith or effective. You may have no clue what tomorrow holds but you know who holds tomorrow. If you put your faith and trust in Jehovah God, then you will now he holds your hands.

My friends; nothing in this world or no one can give you assurance about tomorrow, because nothing this world can offer is forever. Only God can give you absolute assurance. He is the only one who can give permanent promise. The Lord is saying to you today, “I will never leave you to stand alone. I will always be with you, supporting you by my omnipotent hand.”  No one can snatch you out of my hand John 10:28. Remember, it is only God can give you peace and rest in your lonely night like he did to Jacob. And today his promise and assurance that sustained Jacob that night is for you today. The Lord says, “I am with you and will watch over you wherever you go, and I will bring you back to this land. I will not leave you until I have done what I have promised you.” So, as Jesus said in John 14: 27 “Let not your hearts be troubled neither let them be afraid.”

“But the Lord is faithful, who shall establish you, and keep you from evil.” Thessalonians 3: 3.

We don’t know what tomorrow holds, but we know who holds tomorrow. God holds tomorrow. Your tomorrow, my tomorrow and all those who belive in him. What fear, then, can we have? NONE!

Our times are in his hands and no one shall pluck it out of his hands.

It is one of life’s great tragedies that we want to be in control of everything and when we lost everything we remain alone. Unless you put your trust in the Lord and believe that He can hold what you give to him, you will never experience peace and contentment. Let God be God in your life and trust him he will do what is best for you. 

Yes, we don’t know what tomorrow holds but we know who holds tomorrow. The God of Abraham, Isaac, and of Jacob hold our tomorrow.

Eyob B Kassa

November 7, 2010 8:00 p.m


3 Responses to “God holds tomorrow”

  1. BLUE ZION Says:

    Amen …Amen … Amen … may God bless you man of God .

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