Life Is Too Precious to Waste

Life is so precious. It is so precious that there is nothing so little or insignificant of it. When we say life is so precious, it means life is valuable, it has value that cannot be compare to anything. It has greater worth, and it should be cared and lived to the fullest. However, it can be wasted so easily too. When I say it can be wasted, I am not talking about tragedy, death or anything like that. But I am talking about a talent that has not been used, potential that has not been discovered, opportunities which has been ignored, dreams which has not been attained, and so on.


As Norman Vincent Peale said it once, “Love every day. Each one is so short and they are so few”. When you understand your very existence is so valuable and cannot be compared to anything, then you will understand the value of each day and you start to live your life with purpose, start appreciating, be happy and fully live the moment.


Don’t live your life with regret. Each day is an opportunity to live your life to its fullness no matter what. Embrace each day with arms wide open. Yes, sometimes it may be hard to accept everything that each day brings. At that moment take a different approach about your life. Is there anything you cannot do about it? If you can make yourself available to learn something, there is always something you can potentially learn even in the midst of troubling situation. I did that. I chose to accept and learn. I chose to take whatever that it takes and God provided me his grace as I was passing through. God is always able to provide stability for his people even in the midst of exceedingly unstable environments (Psalm 46). Yes, in the midst of pain, suffering, or depression we feel our lives are hanging by a thread. We tend to give up so easily. We dare to forget God’s promise and faithfulness. Allow me to share with you what is really going on at that moment, God is digging a tunnel through which we can be reborn, brought to the surface and set free.


Don’t put God in a box. Don’t limit the power of God in your life. Any time you mix your own interpretation of the reality with God’s ability, there is always something wrong. When we caught with our “infertile imaginations”, speculations and doubts, as Max Lucado mentioned in his book, “No wonder they call him the savior: experiencing the truth of the cross”, “we forget that impossible is one of God’s favorite words.” As the matter of fact, our God specializes in doing the impossible. He is “El-Shaddai.” He is a God with undeniable, unlimited and unmatched power.


So, when things are not working and you feel like the world is on your shoulder, remember this God is doing something extraordinary. He is about to reveal something. All you have to do at that moment is to remain tough and stay focused. Put your trust in the Lord who specializes in doing the impossible. Take each day in stride and remember life is precious and each day is a blessing. In all seriousness, each day is a blessing no matter where you live. Take advantage of every moment, be mindful of every activity you do, and live life like you want to each and every day. 


God bless you all!

Eyob B Kassa

January 10, 2011


2 Responses to “Life Is Too Precious to Waste”

  1. loner Says:

    very well said and I love it! thank you very much and it makes my day and my self better every time I read your blogs. keep it up eyob and have a blessed holy week!

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