The devil wants YOU!


Don’t be deceived: the devil will never come to benefit you! He will never come to bless you or to give you life, but to kill and destroy your life. He wants to steal your joy and the peace that you have in Jesus Christ. He wants to crush your courage and dominate your life. He wants to keep you away from God. He wants you to rebel against God just like he did so that you become liars and murderers just as he is because he was “a murderer from the beginning” (John 8:44).  He wants you to believe he is omnipotent, omnipresent, and omniscient.

Omnipotent–  meaning “All-ruling” , “infinite in power” or  “Almighty.”

Omnipresent means being present everywhere at the same time.

Omniscient -“having complete or unlimited knowledge, awareness, or understanding; perceiving all things.”

The devil has a plan for YOUR life!

“God’s plan for your life includes regular and consistent fellowship with other believers. The Devil’s plan is to isolate you from God’s children so he can discourage you, disarm you, and leave you feeling defeated and powerless. Don’t fall for the Devils trickery. Run to Jesus. His promises are true.” Pastor Joe Wood


The devil wants to get his hands into every areas of your life. He has a set plan–and he works it very effectively. Jesus said, “The thief comes…” and when he comes, his plan has three purposes or targets.

  1. He comes to steal. What would he like to steal? I will tell you what the first thing he steals from you, the word. The devil knows the power of the word much better than most believers. No offence but it’s true.  He knows the more you get into the word, the more anointed and powerful you become. And the more you anointed, the stronger you are to destroy and tear down every demonic stronghold from your life. As the author of Hebrews says, “…the word of God is living and active, sharper than any two-edged sword…” (Heb. 4:12). That means there is life in God’s word, and it is thriving, sufficient for existence, vigorous and strong. The word is also the source of wisdom, and when it unite with faith and you start using it, the devil cannot stand it. Because an active word exerts influence, and power. Whether it is spoken, read, taught, or lived out, when people come in contact with the word of God, it has power to bring about enormous fruit.

And if the devil steals the “seed” which is the word of God, out of your heart then it is easy to do whatever that he wants to do with the rest of your life. Why is the word of God so important? For it is life (Zoe .. the God kind of life) to those who find the word, and health (medicine) to all their flesh. Everything is based on the word.

Remember what Jesus said in Mark 4 “…Satan comes immediately, and takes away the word that was sown in their hearts.” Jesus said, he comes “immediately.” The moment they heard the word, the moment life starts. And the devil knows this truth. The moment you receive the word, the battle begins. He cannot sit around and wait until you get strength, encouragement, hope, peace and so on from the word. The moment you heard the word, he will get busy to take it away.

Jesus warns us of the enemy’s tactics to steal God’s word out of our heart. We need to hold onto the word of God, it is our strength, it is our roadmap, and it is our weapon. From the moment of your salvation, the devil’s master plan is focused on stealing the word out of your life. He knows you need the word in order to grow in your spiritual life. He knows it is the word that sustains and strengthens you and help you grow.

Anytime the Word is planted in anyone’s heart Satan comes immediately to take it away. Why does Satan go after the Word every time it is planted and used? Because “he was totally humiliated and defeated by the first person that really knew how to use it, Jesus. Look at each of these five attacks. If he can get you to stop using the Word He has gained some ground for His point of view*

The devil’s old hat tricks!

Remember, the devil has NO good plan for you. He is good for nothing but always up to something. So, when he comes to you the first thing he will try to accomplish is to create confusion. The devil is a master con artist. Do you remember the fist question he asked Eve? He said to her, “Did God really tell you not to eat fruit from any tree in the garden?” Do you think he didn’t know? I doubt that! His intention was to create confusion and doubt in Eve’s mind and soul about what God has said to her. I want you to understand the devil’s deceiving tactic here: if he could twist the truth about God in you then it is easy to make you to think negative about God and be suspicious about his plan, if you become negative about God then you will be skeptical about everything he has done for you, and when you become skeptical about God and what he has done it is easy to rebel against God.

I tell you this; he (the devil) is a smart talker. He throws doubt and confusion and tries to convince you that what God has said was not true. He wants you to believe that there is more to what God has told you than what you know. If the devil gets your attention right on the spot, the rest is a “piece of cake”. The devil is always trying to get you to confuse you and doubt God and His Word. When we confused, we become powerless and we will be inactive. When we confused we become vulnerable.

The devil is still using the same tricks today and tries to convince believers that God isn’t really good and really can’t be trusted. Once he creates confusion and doubt in your heart and mind, you become fearful and suspicious. Fear is a weapon found only in Satan’s armory. You need to understand the principle behind the devil’s operation. A powerful Christian who is full of faith and has a strong foundation on God’s truth is a problem to the devil and a headache to his operations. Because fear is such a powerful spirit, it works in a person’s life without the person’s awareness sometimes. When fear doesn’t work for him, he starts intimidating you. Intimidation is a forceful action or threat that a person uses to create fear, doubt, discouragement and submission.  It is a form of psychological/ spiritual/ physical weapon, which designed to threaten, frighten, or coerce someone. If the devil cannot confuse you, create doubt in your heart and mind, if you still strong and powerful he surely starts intimidate you as if he has an absolute power over you and everything you have. Like a bully he tries to force you to act contrary to what you are, what you are called and created for, and when you start to refuse he starts intimidating and scare you. If that is not working for him his next plan is to lure you. He will use anything that attracts you. Lure is anything that tempts, attracts and looks appealing. When you are attracting with something, you are attracted to what you see but also detached from what you are hold to. Fame, power and money are his major tools. Your weakness is his strength. If your passion is money he doesn’t give you something else. He knows what will lure you into sin, and sin is lawlessness and disobedience. Like fish caught in a treacherous net, so is man ensnared and trapped by his own weakness, and lust. The problem is, he promised you fame, power, peace, joy, money but he will never ever gives you total freedom to experience and enjoy what he gave you. He gives you fame but he will take your soul. He gives you money but he will take satisfaction. He promised you peace but never gives you rest. The devil’s greatest trick is not only convincing the world he doesn’t exist but also making promises which he doesn’t fulfill. He is a master of lie, deception, illusion, sinfulness and lawlessness. He is a master con and scam artist.

Eyob B Kassa

March 12, 2011

* “Notes from the author” with the lesson. March 2008.


16 Responses to “WHAT THE DEVIL WANTS FROM YOU (Part One)”

  1. This post is so very much needed in the body of Christ, we read and speak scripture often but not taking it to heart, maybe we don’t realize the effectiveness of the Devils plan to destroy our relation with God. We are in a burning house, smell the smoke, but want to finish watching the program on TV.

  2. Thank you Michael, what you said is absolutely true.

  3. Faffi Says:

    thank you for the powerful word.

  4. Eyob, More true than many Christians realize. The body of the church has become blind to the reality of the enemy. I have seen the devil’s demons upclose and personal. The evil and hatred that eminated from them was something that I have never forgotten and never will. Christians need to know that hell exists and they don’t want to go there. Great definitions and much needed warnings. Good work! Blessings, Teresa

  5. sandisiwe gebuza Says:

    hey hey i just wanna thank you once more, no i know that my life my heart and my love is a testimony to God n i really really praise him for keeping me out from darkness

  6. You’re a good man 🙂 I don’t read the bible much, I believe in God but I don’t know what I am – but what you said is absolutely rational and true, this is exactly what true evil, the devil would want.

  7. I put a link to this article on my blog http://www,thingsgodtaughtme.wordpress.com on my post about getting a wife through prayer. I hope that is OK.

  8. Joseph Says:

    God will uphold us His people and keep us from the evil one

  9. Joanes Owino Sianga Says:

    its good Explain .The satan his purpose to steal the word of God in our life.he know God’s word powerful to wins christians

  10. Pastor Mike Says:

    Nice Word. You need to get the no ad upgrade. That way they won’t put these vulgar ads on your page.

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