Life isn’t worth living unless you’re living your life with divine-purpose

Sitting in my car, waiting for a call, watching everybody driving like someone is chasing them …this morning; I was thinking: everyday people are just like this. Get up, dressed up, grab something to eat or drink, drive, drive…. Come home, exhausted, beat up…then go to sleep…then comes another day.  Life is like an endless waltz, we dance through our life till we can’t dance no more. But, is this what life is all about? There must be something more to life or everything is vanity of vanities as the scripture says. So let’s think for a while. What’s the deal with this thing called “life”? It seems like everything has been set up NOT satisfy us no matter what we get or how much we get. You can have anything you want but we are created with endless desires and wants. But why? Or how so? I tell you one thing. Everything that we want is in this world but something that we need is not in this world and until we know or get that we will never be satisfied.

We need God to satisfy us ultimately. We need Him so bad because without Him life is meaningless. Here is the word from Saint Augustine, “Thou hast made us for thyself and our hearts are restless until we find our rest in thee.” We cannot live a satisfied life until we fully satisfied in Him alone first.

My advice to you today: avoid destruction. Slow down! Just pause for a while! Ask some serious questions, where are you going? What are you run after? What makes you want to really live? Put an end to this endless and crazy running! Because there more to life than sleeping, eating, graduating, career, marriage, etc.

You are created in God’s image to have an intimate relationship and to glorify Him by being fully rest in Him and satisfied in Him. Our greatest desire is to know God, to glorify him. Why? Because that’s how we’ve been designed. But the question is, are you living your life for Him?

Eyob B Kassa



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